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YL-12Professional entertainment speakers

‭YL-12 adopts precise DBK professional digital audio frequency division technology. It is a karaoke speaker developed for targeted KTV boxes. It has changed the defects of narrow frequency band and tight vocals in the past. Low-frequency elasticity and softness, the sound is smoother and more emotional when singing. The frequency-dividing electronic components use German top brand capacitors, the bevel is smaller, and the filtering is extremely pure, so that the high-frequency ultra-high parts can be played more vividly. The levels are clear and the space is suddenly bright. YL -12 includes a 44-core high-frequency compression driver and a 12-inch 75mm low-frequency speaker with higher power.
      YL -12 is a polygonal cabinet with a radiation angle of 60 * 40 °, which is currently a popular international sound reinforcement system. The polygonal design not only reduces the standing wave in the body, but also is very convenient to install and use the speaker. A single amplifier, a 2-way passive network, and a 8-ohm 400-watt design. The high-power speaker design can better meet the uniformity and sound of the sound field. At the same time, it is recommended that users choose amplifiers with matching power of more than 600 watts. YL-12 can play more transparent and natural. The best applicable place KTV box, not only easy to sing, but also compatible with Hi-Sing, corresponding to the most popular luxury night-market business model combined with Hi-Sing.
Scope of application: KTV, slow shake bar, conference hall, airport, school, etc., where the sound requirements are relatively high.
Product parameters
Type Two-way full-frequency box
Frequency response: 58Hz-20kHz ± 3dB
400W (RMS) 800W (PEAK)
97dB (1W @ 1M)
Maximum sound pressure 123dB (PEAK / 1M)
Woofer 12 inch 75 core woofer
Tweeter 1.75 inch 44 core tweeter
Impedance 8 ohms
Treble protection PTC linkage protection device
Coverage 60 ° H × 40 ° V
Cabinet structure: Baltic birch plywood speaker connection
Input connection Two NL4 interfaces 1 (+) 1 (-)
Size W373 * H582 * D405
Net weight 24.5kg