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The development trend of home audio
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Miniaturization, digitization, specialization, and film and television are the inevitable development trends of home audio.
Miniaturized sound. Micro-desktop stereos have a long history of development, and advanced ultra-small stereos have appeared more than 10 years ago. However, since the listening speaker, the stereo record player, and the recording deck are not well solved, they stay at a lower level. In order to create a compact audio world, we must not only work from amplifiers, control components, left and right speakers, but also from the tuner, CD player and recording deck.
Digital audio. Digital technology is a new technology, so digital sound evolved in solving the problem of distortion analog audio noise. After the digital technology is used in the audio, the recorded digital signal has a clear resolution from the sampling frequency to the quantization characteristic, and there is no color jitter, resulting in a very clear image. And it can be interchanged with the host computer, which is incomparable with the analog recording and playback device. Digital recording can record the time, person name and address together, use the micro keyboard to complete the cataloging work, change the track number, and add the remote control function, so that you can automatically search for the required tracks, which is convenient to use. Film and television equipment integration. With the development of electro-acoustic technology, video technology and computer technology, digital audio can form a seamless multimedia audio and video audio system in the family. Such a system can hear various signal inputs and function conversions at the input end, and the computer can process various images and hear various sounds.
Ultra-thin flat-panel speakers, the emergence of flat-panel audio makes the family combination (home theater, background music) develop into ultra-thin direction. From 1998 to 2012, the flat-panel audio has also experienced several development stages. In 1998, Sannuo introduced the flat panel. Audio, to the succession and development of Hualong Emperor (DS) and Tuoqike (TVC), by 2008, Chengdu Tianxiang (HVS) developed China's own flat-panel pronunciation technology "VT" called "fifth-generation flat-panel pronunciation technology", flat-panel sound technology The development in China is becoming more and more mature, and the use of thin mural ultra-thin sounds in the family tends to mature!
The emergence of embedded audio and embedded audio originated from Chengdu Fuyun (1998). After more than ten years of development, embedded audio played in "home central network audio system" and "embedded home theater". A great role; Chengdu Tianxiang (HVS) combined with the special features of flat-panel speakers and embedded audio, developed a new generation of home audio system "family health audio system", a tentative step for the development of home audio!